Nowadays, baby games are becoming more and more popular. The reason for it is the growing segment of

match match baby

game lovers who are keen on playing the games oriented on the puzzle and entertainment. Of course, all games are made for entertainment but for girls, it is a another issue how to get entertained: you get make up, make over, dress up skills as well as other puzzles that make you girlish. Both

baby girls games

and match match baby games develop your memory skills and work to test your gaming experience results. Even in the case you try to fail the level because of boredom, such games give you another chance to replay and get acquainted with the inbuilt hints better. These types of games are mainly oriented on developing the characters of girls with the help of human-like heroines who want to learn more about everyday behavior and deeper their knowledge of the outer world. Try to catch the pace of this, fast-growing game techniques and as a result, you will get a bunch of really well-developed girl match games which are oriented on personal as well as inner world development of the female players of any age. Baby Girl Games represent a great simulation game series especially made for girls and for those people, who want to have a great pastime while babysitting the main characters - Baby Hazel, Cute Baby, Baby Lulu, match match baby and so on.
Minion Love Kiss Minion Love Kiss
Baby Hazel Halloween Night Baby Hazel Halloween Night
Description: The scary bats are on their way to baby Hazel’s house! Call her friends to make a perfect Halloween party for the ghouls and ghosts. First of all, get ready for the celebration with the appropriate costumes and then follow the instructions given in the further levels of the game
Barbie’s Baby Diy Nursery Barbie’s Baby Diy Nursery
Description: Barbie’s baby nursery is an online flash game where you will the main blonde heroine who has not even prepared a room for her future baby. Choose the gender of the baby who’s going to be delivered as fast as possible, name him or her and hit the continue button to join the plot process
Easy Bake Easy Bake
Baby Hazel Dental Care Baby Hazel Dental Care
Description: Baby Hazel Dental Care is an online flash game where you will meet the most beloved baby heroine- the pretentious baby Hazel who is always on the edge of crying. Right now, she is suffering from toothache so be ready to take her to the dentist and follow the doctor’s prescription as well as his advice related to the oral hygiene. Follow the hints and give the baby pills to release her teeth from pain
match match baby match match baby
Description: • Match Match baby is an online flash game where with just two activities you can get the baby and the list of her or his favorite food, toys and lucky charm. Do not worry as everything is quite easy to do: just type name 1 and name 2, pick the color and here you go. As you get the result, you can save it to the album or go back to the main menu
Description: Baby doll house décor is an online flash game where you are given a room of a beautiful hazel –haired baby. The room is painted with pink color and the furniture is mostly in white or rosy colors. You can move the bed, tables, chairs, TV set, plants, even a lighter and a cat. You can constantly change then places of the things in the room of our baby doll.
Baby Bathing Baby Bathing
Description: The popular flash game Baby bathing gives you a unique chance to test yourself as a loving nurse. In the upper screenplay you are given special icons of bathtub, perfume, toilet, brushes, and pencils and so on. Follow the list and do all the necessary things to bathe our beautiful blue- eyed main character. Once you are done, you will get special reward for completing the mission
My Baby Unicorn 2 My Baby Unicorn 2
Description: My baby unicorn 2 is the second sequel of the famous dress up game for the main unicorn baby hero. You can choose the special accessories for the main mystical hero. Change the color of the hair, the environment where our main hero is located, the color of eyes, the shape of horns and the design of tattoos on his skin. Once you are ready hit the “ready” button
Cute Baby Nursery Cute Baby Nursery
Description: Cute baby nursery is a game about a toddler who wants you by his side. Our baby is very naughty and wants food very often. It is not surprising that milk is his favorite one so follow the hints in the bubbles that appear on the right corner near the baby head and do everything that baby wants you to do. Don’t forget the crib and toys that serve for his happiness
Baby Hazel Skin Care Baby Hazel Skin Care
Description: Baby Hazel Skin Care –here you can test your abilities of how you can deal with the blue or red skin in the cold days of winter. Our main heroine has got cold skin from the frozen days in the coolest season of the year so help her to get rid of it. Prepare a hot bath for her and let us see what will happen and how her skin will start changing the color .
Baby Hazel In Kitchen Baby Hazel In Kitchen
Description: Baby hazel in kitchen will help you in developing the skills for preparing the lunch for your beloved people. As our baby hazel does not live alone and has got lots of family members to feed, she just can’t just hang out doing nothing. Pick up the necessary kitchen tools and special meal ingredients and let us see what is the meal she is going to prepare .
Baby Hazel Bed Time Baby Hazel Bed Time
Description: Baby hazel bed time is an online flash game where the main hero is still naughty so you have to help her in developing her daily bed time routine. As you see, you are given a unique chance to treat baby hazel with sweetened words and try to do your best to make her sleep early. Sing a lullaby for her or tell her favorite story to get the desired result
Baby Lulu Sand Fun Baby Lulu Sand Fun
Description: Baby Lulu Sand fun is an online flash game for those who want to feel the summer virtually and enjoy it with our main heroine Lulu who is fond of her heart shaped sun glasses. Baby Lulu is just crazy about this season and as the weather is just awesome today, she decided to have some fun on the beach. Let her pack necessary things into special boxes like digital camera for taking pictures and memorable videos .
Minion Babies Minion Babies